English Course; Conversation Level - Holiday Quiz Part 3

Jun 3rd, 2020 244 Views

Hello, friends. Due to the government's recommendation related to Covid-19 Virus avoidance, Speak First lets the students, from every division, study in home. For English Course students, particularly for Conversation level students, here is an online game to strengthen your understanding about The Positive Form of Present Perfect Tense. Please read the instructions below carefully.

  1. Before starting the games, please make sure your internet connection is stable to access the online game
  2. There will be a new pop-up window to the online game after clicking "click here" on the link below
  3. Scroll little down until you find the first game from the top, and then click start
  4. Wait for a moment while the game is loading
  5. When the game is ready, you have to read the instructions of the game
  6. Make the positive form sentences of present perfect tense based on the words given by typing on your phone
  7. If you have finished you can check whether your answers are correct or not, and you can go to the other numbers

There will be more upcoming online games. Don't miss it^^

The game : click here